What do I write about?
To be honest, almost everything and anything related to travel.
I want to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and not travel but not just to know about the places you visit, but also to meet new people and the person we become.

Also I will be sharing stories and writing posts on saving money,investing and budgeting,

Because we all face financial problems everyday, you can say that the love for money is the root of evil and people say money isn't everything but regardless you cannot deny it's importance.

I want to ask you something?
What if you get one chance to live on the amazing planet for however long it may be, would you not want to spend time exploring it? Loving it? Enjoying what it has to offer? But there always comes the issue of money. So I would like to give you tips and ways to improve your finance so that you can improve your finance and travel!

About Me

I'm not sure on how you found me, but I believe that everything happens for a reason. No matter how you found me I would like to welcome you to my world. I'm not your typical everyday blogger. I'm awkward,extremely shy and just doing what I love besides being scared shitless!
With my colorful imagination I want to show you how beautiful and adventurous the world is.

Also in whatever way I can I would love to help you manage your finances and save because I too have struggled with managing money for bills, college fees and travel.

Hope I can help you and Welcome to my site!

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